Invictus Technical Solutions


ITS provides a multitude of services for both DoD and commercial customers. Our experience with many diverse services allows us to support customers with standard and unique support inquires. We provide services in the following areas:


UAS Program Management Subcontract Management
System Accreditation Operation Support
Security Management Procurement
Records Management IT Management and Operations
Intelligence Operation and Management Contract Management
Property Management Control Test and Evaluation Support
UAS Program Management:Manage contract CDRL’s and PWS requirements; Transition planning, weekly/monthly/quarterly meetings, manning report, Training (HAZOM, fire extinguisher, Information assurance, Security awareness), Outage log and GCS maintenance log, GFE/GFP control, Accreditation, ISSO support, Security support, System Administrator support, Long Haul Communication support, Video Dissemination Support (VDH), GCS Maintenance Support, Physical Security Support and Project Manager Support to include the hiring , training Employee counseling, Work schedule management, delegation of tasks and performance reporting on large scale teams. Advises governments senior leadership on timelines, limitations and provided creative solutions to accomplish the mission.

Systems Accreditation: Hardware and software on DOD systems on multiple networks of varying classifications.

Security Management oversight over: Visit requests, Security Pre Screens, JPAS management, Annual customer and contractor security training, Classified equipment storage, Safe combination and security access log, random security inspections, escort management, facility access management and security Indoc assistance to customer Security officer. Knowledgeable in the proper procedures and protocol for all types of security; Personnel, Physical, IT, COMSEC, and KEYMAT.

Records Management: Provided oversight and hands on information management of all media library to include; Users Guide, Configuration report, Operation Center ADPE inventory, Software list, Outside agency contact information, outage reports and Help Desk support.

Intelligence Operation and Management: Provides real-time and dedicated operational intelligence support throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community, with a wide range of products and services targeted at all levels of intelligence operations and management. Recognized staff of senior intelligence practitioners has extensive leadership and management experience in delivering intelligence operations and management services. From critical testing and evaluation, DOTMLPF+P and CBA’s to the application and integration of learning technologies across all of the intelligence disciplines.

Property Management Control: Managed logistical and ADPE requirements. GFE to include; desk’s, chairs, tables, white boards, safe’s, cabinets and miscellaneous office support furniture. GFP to include Laptops, Desktops, servers, monitors, printers, projectors and miscellaneous peripherals.

Subcontract Management: Responsible for subcontract activities to include subcontractor management, work share allocation, subcontract program review and staffing review; ensuring all work met the Performance Work Statement (PWS).

Operation Support: ITS has the experience and knowledge on the startup and support of 24/7 operational facilities. Information technology management and maintenance on networks of multiple classifications. Experienced in taking knowledge gained in studies, research and collaboration, developing efficient processes, demonstrating new capabilities and providing operational support to those who require it. Constructed and maintained networks to support mission and Real world requirements. Experience in the following;

Long-Haul communications Operation Center Support
Systems Administration Systems Engineering
VOIP technology Full-Motion Video Support (FMV)
Network Security Hardware and Software integration planning
Network monitoring and management Video and Audio Distribution support

Procurement: ITS specializes in IT procurement, our vast knowledge enables in depth understanding of top technology products along with cost saving strategies. We understand a limited budget does not dictate limited performance. ITS has partnered and works with leading technology manufactures and distributors to provide more cost effective products.


IT Management and Operations:

Provide planning, design, selection, implementation, use, and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies. Also, assist in solutions to the problems facing our clients in an intelligent and cost efficient manner to maximize customer satisfaction, corporate productivity, profitability, and competitiveness.


Contract Management: Work with commercial and DOD entities to provide contract oversight from project start to project completion.


Test and Evaluation Support:  Provide system engineering and analysis support with a firm understanding of test processes and reports. Detailed analysis required to produce test results and valid findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Assist in managing the risks involved in developing, producing, operating, and sustaining systems. ITS supports Program Managers and the Knowledge Based Acquisition process to ensure planning and execution of an integrated and robust T&E program. Our expertise and knowledge will reduce risk in the T&E process based on our demonstrated past accomplishments in conducting Joint Feasibility Studies and T&E support for the Joint Test and Evaluation Program Office.